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The long drive home…

July 27, 2010

We planned on leaving at 8am and left shortly after. Which is really good! Louis drove all the way to St. Louis, where we stopped to visit the Gateway Arch. We should have done a little more research about going up in the arch. We looked around outside for a bit. They had some pretty […]

Last day in the Branson area

July 27, 2010

Sunday was our last day with Grandma and Tom. They took us to this little restaurant/bar right on the lake. A few months ago they got new owners who really spruced up the place. The food was ok. Not bad, not the best. We treated as a thank you for letting us stay with them. After, […]

Show and Shopping

July 25, 2010

Yesterday we didn’t do much in the morning. Relaxed outside a bit, had breakfast/lunch, and then headed out for the day. We met Don to go see JEERK. Which is similar to Stomp, but they do more tap dancing. It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it, but then again I like that […]

Extreme ZipRider Trip

July 23, 2010

Don, Louis, Pam and I risked our lives for 50 seconds going down the half mile line from 230 feet above the ground, traveling at speeds up to 50 mph!! It was totally awesome and well worth it 😀 I would definitely recommend it to anyone, even those who are afraid of heights. It’s not a […]