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The US women’s national soccer team watched their dreams slip away as Japan walked away with an amazing win to take home the World Cup trophy. Though they did not top the group in the first round for the first time, they made it to round two. Having to play against a great Brazialian team. Terrible calls from the ref didn’t stop the US team nor did the red card given to Rachel Buehler. The US had to play with 10 for almost an hour. One of the best goals ever (in my mind) came from Abby Wambach’s head in the 120+ minute of the game to bring the US back to a tie game. Saves by Hope Solo kept the US alive in the chase to the final sending Brazil home early. Once again, Wambach’s head gave the US the lead against France in the semifinals. Alex Morgan secured the win with her first ever world cup goal.

Japan vs USA in the final. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this match-up. Watching Japan play Germany was exciting. At the end of the game, the first thought that came to me was how quiet it was in the stands as the home team’s road to the final came to an end. They continued their path to the finals by defeating Sweden 3-1 (the same score in the USA vs France game). US had an advantage over Japan, because they have never lost to them. Japan had unbelievable support from their home country and millions of fans.

It was a good clean game. I thought the refs did an amazing job and let the players play their game. The US had the lead twice during the duration of the game. Once during regulation time, and again in extended time. But Japan managed to tie it up both times. The US had so many chances in the first half, but they just couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net. Going into PKs, Japan had the advantage being able to see the US players in a PK shootout with Brazil. Japan’s keeper made two incredible saves to give them the win! Congratulations Japan – well deserved win!! USA – I am proud of your heart, determination, positive attitude, and never giving up! Hey, second in the world is still a great accomplishment!


I have to run to the grocery store on this nice hot day and an idea came to mind. Why don’t stores place their ice packs for sale inside the freezer? Stores will put their umbrella racks in front of the doors when it’s raining outside, but I’ve never seen a cold ice pack for sale. How are we supposed to bring home our perishables on a hot day? They sell coolers and those freezer bags to keep items cool, but no frozen ice packs! How come no one has even thought of this idea? Or have they and I’m just not shopping at the right stores? Just a thought!



I have a nest under the deck.  It is a very messy nest!  They (the mom and dad birds) were very kind to leave me a mud mixture splattered all over my patio window and ground.  It’s quite lovely, but doesn’t really match the decor.  I’d clean it up, but I’m afraid I will scare them away.  I managed to get a few snapshots of the birds.  Maybe you can help me determine what kind of birds they are.  Thanks for your help!

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Being lactose intolerant has had it’s difficult moments. Time after time having to explain to people why I can’t eat pizza. Not going out on a hot summer night for ice cream. The worst part? Knowing exactly what pizza and ice cream tastes like. Growing up eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast every morning. Eating an ice cream cone from McDonald’s while watching the airplanes take off with Grandpa. Through the years, there have been improvements and alternatives. Yogurt with live active cultures and cheese alternatives such as soy and tofu. I made due. I tried cheeseless pizza. I’ve traveled many miles to go to a TCBY. Though it will still bother me, I have gotten used to not being able to have dairy. Then things became more difficult. I am also gluten intolerant. Isn’t life grand!! There are plenty of options for me. I have my bitter moments, but for the most part it’s not too bad. Just the other day I was at Meijer and found they have their own brand of gluten-free cereal. Even Olive Garden had gluten-free pasta (just make sure the teenage waiter/waitress understands the difference between gluten-free and whole-wheat). It’s a good thing I can tell difference just by looking at it!! Boy could that have been an adventurous evening.

Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand…Yumz. My Mom and I went for a road trip the other day to go to Yumz Gourmet Frozen Yogurt. It was my first time, but she had been there before. It’s an amazing experience and a very creative idea. The idea was very well planned and thought out. When you walk in, the design of the store is very simple, yet fun, festive, and entertaining. Each customer takes a dish and chooses their choice(s) of frozen yogurt from the many soft-serve machines along the wall. Each machine has two choices with the added option of swirl. Once you fill up your dish with frozen yogurt, it’s on to the toppings. Sprinkles, crushed candy bars, cereal, fruit, flavored chips, syrups and more. Now for the best part….The Scale! The only item on the so-called menu – $.42 per ounce. This is where your eyes, stomach and reality meet. Oh, don’t forget your wallet. Either make sure you bring enough cash or have a credit card, but just remember, you can’t put anything back. Once it’s in your bowl, you’re buying it! After you’ve spent your weekly allowance on the first day of the week, it’s time to sit down and enjoy. There are comfy couches, chairs, and little tables. To get a better picture, imagine a page is ripped out of the Ikea catalogue. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ikea…and the cool green spoons you get with your Yumz!

Some things to keep in mind as you take the soccer team for a post-game celebration:

  • smaller is better – it’s not a requirement to completely fill your dish
  • keep an eye on your kids – their eyes are bigger than their stomachs…and your wallet
  • ask for a frequent filler card – the fabulous teenagers working behind the counter won’t offer you the option to get 6 oz free after you spend $42 (which for some could add up pretty quickly!)

Enjoy 😀


One of my students introduced me to this interesting new website, The student is using it in her English class to communicate with students in a middle school. The middle school students actually created the site as an assignment asking questions about high school. It is free to use. Anyone can leave a comment, or sticky note with their thoughts, questions, pictures, videos, etc. I haven’t looking into it too much yet, but it will definitely be added to my list of things to do!

If you are already familiar with this site, feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or examples. Anything new and technological is worth looking into and trying out in the classroom. Currently I am experimenting with a document camera, and so far the students are totally into it!!


It’s difficult to imagine what the Japanese are going through right now. It makes all of my worries and life troubles seem so pleasent compared to theirs. I am thankful for what I have, and I pray that they can recover from this tragic event. From all the videos I’ve seen so far, I feel this one captured the most.


Why do we measure computer monitors and tv screens diagonally?


I just watched a clip about how people can use computer programs to correctly guess a persons social security number just by using information from social networking sites. I started thinking and wondered what happens to a number after a person passes on. Does their number get re-assigned after a certain amount of time? How many possibilities are there to assign someone a social security number? Doing a little research online, I found that the government does not re-assign numbers. Being a math geek, I also wondered about the number of possibilities. The obvious answer is one billion! But the video clip I watched today, as well as during my quick research, informed me of some information that I did not know. The lowest number issued was 001-01-0001, numbers will never start with 666, 9, or 000, nor will you find one with 00 as the middle two digits or 0000 as the last four digits. This website is very helpful, but still leaves it as an open question for you to solve…. If I wasn’t so tired and ready to fall asleep, I’d be working on this solution, but I must get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a long (but fun!) day. Here is the link to the video that started this brain tornado of numbers!

Good luck, and good night!


2010 went well…I’m half way to completing my masters degree, I learned how to snowboard, I still have a job, stayed pretty healthy (except for the one trip to the hospital), road trip to Branson to see Grandma, Tom, and ‘uncle’ Don, went down a zip line (totally awesome!), started kickboxing, and much, much more.

I hope the new year continues to bring good health to my family, my friends, and myself. I also hope that job openings increase and that my Mom and sister find a job they enjoy doing on a daily basis. My new years resolution….to make a very good attempt to not let things get to me, be less stressed, and more outgoing.

May 2011 be as great as heaven!