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One of my students introduced me to this interesting new website, The student is using it in her English class to communicate with students in a middle school. The middle school students actually created the site as an assignment asking questions about high school. It is free to use. Anyone can leave a comment, or sticky note with their thoughts, questions, pictures, videos, etc. I haven’t looking into it too much yet, but it will definitely be added to my list of things to do!

If you are already familiar with this site, feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or examples. Anything new and technological is worth looking into and trying out in the classroom. Currently I am experimenting with a document camera, and so far the students are totally into it!!


It’s difficult to imagine what the Japanese are going through right now. It makes all of my worries and life troubles seem so pleasent compared to theirs. I am thankful for what I have, and I pray that they can recover from this tragic event. From all the videos I’ve seen so far, I feel this one captured the most.


Why do we measure computer monitors and tv screens diagonally?


I just watched a clip about how people can use computer programs to correctly guess a persons social security number just by using information from social networking sites. I started thinking and wondered what happens to a number after a person passes on. Does their number get re-assigned after a certain amount of time? How many possibilities are there to assign someone a social security number? Doing a little research online, I found that the government does not re-assign numbers. Being a math geek, I also wondered about the number of possibilities. The obvious answer is one billion! But the video clip I watched today, as well as during my quick research, informed me of some information that I did not know. The lowest number issued was 001-01-0001, numbers will never start with 666, 9, or 000, nor will you find one with 00 as the middle two digits or 0000 as the last four digits. This website is very helpful, but still leaves it as an open question for you to solve…. If I wasn’t so tired and ready to fall asleep, I’d be working on this solution, but I must get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a long (but fun!) day. Here is the link to the video that started this brain tornado of numbers!

Good luck, and good night!


2010 went well…I’m half way to completing my masters degree, I learned how to snowboard, I still have a job, stayed pretty healthy (except for the one trip to the hospital), road trip to Branson to see Grandma, Tom, and ‘uncle’ Don, went down a zip line (totally awesome!), started kickboxing, and much, much more.

I hope the new year continues to bring good health to my family, my friends, and myself. I also hope that job openings increase and that my Mom and sister find a job they enjoy doing on a daily basis. My new years resolution….to make a very good attempt to not let things get to me, be less stressed, and more outgoing.

May 2011 be as great as heaven!


I came across this video from Ewan McIntosh’s blog.  It’s pretty funny! What would you do if you were in this situation?

Here is a link to a list of educational technology blogs I got from my professor. The video came from one of these blogs.


After doing a little bit of research for a paper/project, I came across some very interesting information. I never even thought about incorporating 3D technology into the k-12 classroom. It’s amazing what technology is already available for educators. You try to imagine what classrooms will look like in 10 years, and it’s unreal. I asked my students what they thought a high school classroom would look like in 10 years, and this is what they came up with:

  • touch screen desks, tables, walls
  • high-tech desks/tables with built-in calculators and pencil sharpeners
  • images would be displayed on the walls to correspond with the lesson instead of boring white paint or ‘educational’ posters
  • patterns on the floors in neutral browns
  • longer school days, less homework, and more assessments
  • micro chips to transfer information into your brain (similar to The Matrix, I believe)
  • more cameras with facial recognition software for better security
  • attendance is taken by the swipe of your ID, hand/finger print scans, or facial scans
  • state of the art gym equipment to help build muscle faster
  • sensor to detect cell phone usage when not allowed (i.e. durig a test)
  • Saturday class for students not passing with 70% or higher
  • technology that types out what you are thinking
  • electronic yearbooks with 3D pictures and videos

I had a lot of fun reading their responses. It’s amazing to see how creative and imaginative some of my students are. They really got me thinking, and I came up with some more detailed ideas. It was also disappointing to find out how little they know about the technology that is already available and in use in some schools around the world. They have no idea how far behind they are in this technological world that is advancing exponentially. I hope I can expose them to at least some of these wonderful tools this year.

Here is an interesting video on the innovative use of 3D in the classroom, presented by Len Scrogan.



What do you think education will be like in the future? In five years? Ten years? Will we ever get to ‘The Jetson’s’ lifestyle?

The following video, I think, is a good representation of where education has come from and where it is currently in regards to technology usage. What do you notice about the video? What looks familiar? Unfamiliar?

When I first saw this clip, the first thing that came to me was how the speed of the video increased as it went through the years. I’ve had to watch this clip a few times, just to absorb all of the information that it holds. I also found it interesting how the classrooms were empty at the end. Where did all the students go? My guess is that they are out experiencing. According to Dale’s cone of experience, “people generally remember 90% of what they do.”

Here’s another clip I found interesting. Hope you enjoy!

In the future, I see classrooms full of energy. Students each holding an iPad, a cell phone, and a graphing calculator (I teach math, deep down I will always have a grapher!). Books are no longer needed, since all texts are uploaded on their iPad. Notes can be viewed directly in front of each student, with the capability of adding their own thoughts with the use of a stylus (a plastic pen to write on the screen with). Tests and quizzes are all done electronically, whether multiple choice or free response. Why a cell phone? Well, it can be used for many things. Most have some sort of voice recorder, to record the lesson. How about just to contact Mom and say “hey, I just got a 93% on my math test!” These are just a few things that could happen. Here is another video clip I came across and got a good chuckle.

What are your thoughts on the future of education?


My current class is driving me crazy! Not only am I lost, but others in the class are lost, too. And that is say a lot! I always seem to be lost. When someone asks me what the class is about, I have no response. I don’t know!! For the first time, I feel like I haven’t learned anything yet, and we’re in week 6 (out of 8). I have an essay due Thursday, or Friday, maybe Sunday. Depends where you look on Blackboard. Our textbook, which cost over $50, is very difficult to read, and we’ve only read two chapters. Waste of money!

I feel a little better after venting, but I’m still not happy. Spent 3 hours today creating a glog. I’m not a big fan of that site. Hopefully I’ve included all of the necessary requirements. Once again, I feel the rubric isn’t very clear. Maybe it’s just me….I want Summer time back!