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I went tubing for the first time today. It was a lot of fun! B went first by himself, hung on for quite a while. Then D and I went. We went slow at first, then worked our way up to higher speeds. After, I volunteered to go with A, but she was too scared. A did not want to go with anybody. D went by himself. B went again. We all kept trying to get A to go, but we were out of luck. I went by myself. Stayed on for quite a while. If you stay in the middle its pretty easy. When you get knocked out to the sides is where it starts to get rough and bumpy. I hung on for a long time. Then, I hit one of the bumps, and I think flipped over under the tube. Not really sure what all happened. But I ended up in the water. It was a lot of fun!

Then we headed over to the sand barge. That was pretty cool. A lot of boats were parked there and people were hanging out in the water having fun. At first the water level was up to the top of my head, but we moved closer to shore and the water level was at my waist. A was scared to go in the water at first, but she got used to it. She saw a friend from school and all her fears went away. She realized that she could stand in the water and be fine. B, D, A, and I played in the water for a while, until we and others started to get hungry. Packed up the boat and headed out. Stopped at GW’s house, sort of, to get some oil for the boat, and so B could get D some shoes (he lost one in the water, somehow, while we were playing at the sand barge). Picked up S along the way to dinner where we met W. Dinner was ok. The best part was seeing the baby ducks in the water and watching S try to catch a carp with her hands. She pretty much got one!

On the ride back we saw a very pretty sunset! Good day, soreness comes tomorrow!!


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