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One week down…

The first week has come to an end, and all are still alive and kicking! Our department is finally great. If only the higher ups could get it together. I am trying to look at things differently this year. Have a ‘whatever happens, happens’ attitude. I am here for the kids and will do what I can for them. I am looking forward to the Snowdawgs club, assuming they find a new sponsor. Unfortunately, I don’t have the confidence to run it, but would be more than happy to help or work with someone else. I am also looking to start a Geometry club this year. My area admin gave me a funny look the first time I mentioned it, and a little smirk! I plan on a variety of activities to do with the kids. Some include teaching how to solve the Rubik’s cube, origami, making kites, tangrams, compass/straightedge designs, and playing with Zome systems (similar to K’nex). My main focus is to just have fun. So far the year is going well, and I hope it continues that way.


One Response to “One week down…”

  1. You’re Geometry club idea is a great one. Kids have already shown an interest in some of the different projects you do, why not allow them to continue to explore different way Geometry can be fun? 🙂 I hope it goes well for you!

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