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Rice Bags

What’s a rice bag???

When you get an booboo, the first thing you go for is some icecubes wrapped in a towel or in a plastic bag.  But that can be pretty cold, and possibly cause some frost bite.  That, and it’s a bit messy when the ice starts to melt.  Wasting water!!!  So instead, go green!

Visit your local store for a cheap bag of rice and some fabric of your choice (I’d go with cotton or flannel).  Do a little sewing to make a pouch/bag, add the rice (uncooked!), finish sewing, and place in the freezer.  Get creative!  Make some big, some small, long ones to wrap around your knees, whatever!  Great summer project for the kids.

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I have knee trouble, so I often use the longer one I made for wrapping my knee.  Some helpful hints:

  • Don’t add too much rice, it will get heavy
  • For bigger rice bags, make multiple sections, otherwise the rice all goes to one side/corner
  • Keep it in a freezer ziplock to keep out the food smells
  • Pop it in the microwave for a bit (times depend on the size of the bag) for a warm compress
  • Add some scents, like vanilla or lavender

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